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HRD Gums is the prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of textile printing gum in India and worldwide. Each and every product manufactured by us is closely supervised by quality team to check defects and flaws in production.

Even after wide technology advancements, we cannot match up with natural products. Guar gum is natural product suitable for textile printing and many other industrial tasks worldwide. Because of its viscosity, it is suitable for manufacturing textile printing gum and other products accordingly.

Discovery of Textile Printing Gum

Mix guar gum with hot water and steer properly with glass rod. Leave the mixture for few minutes to swell properly. Test the mixture with “reactive brilliant red H8B” dye against simple gum paste consists of, kerosene, urea granules and resist salt. The final product you will obtain is suitable for fabric printing. To increase the color fastness and stability, experts usually prefer silicate concentration method for best results.

We at HRD Gums are reliable thickener supplier and textile printing manufacturer assuring quality and durable results for the clients.

Our Specialities

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