Guar Gum Manufacturing

HRD Gums are one of the leading Guar gum manufacturers in India and have been manufacturing variants of guar gum to several clients across the world. Industries have discovered multipurpose feature property of Guar Gum. The companies include everything from paints to frozen foods. Depending on the end users’ requirement, experts have to use different methods for the production of gum. The guar gum is made of polysaccharides that include sugar, glucatose, and mannose. Due to its solubility and high viscosity, this gum has become a top favorite by the manufacturers in the paper and textile industries.

HRD Gums is a promising name in the industry as guar gum manufacturers, and that simply implies that we use nothing but the best of manufacturing processes. Our clients can easily rely on our products. Our work begins with the extraction of guar gum from the beans, and this is done by very scientific method that involves extensive drill with roasting of the beans, drying, sorting and elimination and then polishing.

The husk is segregated from the Endosperm granules and this is also used in the international market as cattle feed. The Endosperm portions are minced with machine in a conscientious way. Following this, a strenuous test is attempted on the guar gum that is produced.

What are the processes required for each industry?

As we are one of the finest guar gum manufacturers in India, we are in no position to afford a mistake. It’s good to take chances in business to grow, but the chances should be concerned with growth. To achieve our goals, we do work on every process without making any mistake. Our experts are well-versed with technology we used in guar gum production. Our industry is very client specific and this is why, the following processes are done for the specific industry:

Textile industry:

It helps in sizing, finishing and printing and it is used in the making of printing ink.

Food industry:

Starting from the frozen food preservation for a long shelf life, for items like ice cream and others, to the making of baked foods like cakes and pastries, where the dough gets form and increases the consistency, the guar gum is effective in many other applications as well.

As a thickening agent:

This guar gum is used as a thickening agent and is used effectively for thickening yogurts and curds. As guar gum manufacturers of India, we at HRD Gums also have discovered that there are even different other uses. Guar gum finds its use in cosmetic industry, even as a thickening agent wherein it will be used for the making of lotions and creams.

With the proven quality services, HRD Gums is now an authentic supplier of organic guar gum running manufacturing unit in India.