About us

HRD Gums manufacturer is one of the a leading Guar gum suppliers from India. Guar gum is extracted from guar beans and has been found highly useful for being colliding, thickening, emulsifying and stabilizing agent for the products ranging from pharmaceutical to oil drilling and mining.

HRD Gums serving its clients since 2000. Also, we have been researching and evolving the process of manufacturing guar gums to supply to industries across the world. Today, we have a strong research and development team of engineers who are dedicated towards their job. They work for the production of this guar gum. As the manufacturer of Guar gum, we have become quite popular and can acknowledge our success to our efficient manpower who are continuously giving their efficient performance to make high quality textile printing gum and thickener for the industries.

We have a list of clients from paper manufacturing firms, reputed and credible pharmaceutical companies, sophisticated cosmetic companies and others in the paper and textile manufacturing firms too.

Our Vision:

The idea of guar gum manufacturing was discovered when we started working in this industry as binder manufacturer. The guar gum’s application has grown across different industries spanning cosmetic industry, frozen food industry, pharmaceutical, paper and textile industries too. Recently, it has been observed that the use for guar gum has grown extensively as textile printing gum, where it has come to be used as a printing ink. HRD gum suppliers wish to expand working domain of expertise and come up with more products in the upcoming years.

Our Mission:

As the products have a huge demand across the world and with the huge database of clients, we believe that we will be able to live up the expectations of our every client. Our work is highly systematized and on-time delivery feature is given to our clients who choose us over rest.

With very reasonable and advanced manufacturing techniques, we take very less time in manufacturing quality guar gum in any quantity as per the demand. We inculcate thorough professionalism and expertise as our guar gum is produced right from the first step to the last. We feel that, it is due to our integrity and dedication to offering guar gum as per the industry, we have become top Guar gum manufacturers in India.

Feel free to ask any related query or share suggestions with us. Our 24x7 online support is available at your service.