Guar Gum Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers India

HRD Gums welcomes you! Every one of us wants to feel the essence of nature. From herbal tea to natural cosmetic products, people search for natural manufacturing solutions around the world. That’s is why we are here. HRD Gums has understood the need of Guar gums that are extracted from guar beans. For Guar Gum, India today, has acquired a prominent position and this is the reason, we, at HRD Gums are dedicated towards quality, and serving a variety of multistage industrial gum, also known as Guaran.

The Industries we serve:

It’s been so many years, we, at HRD Gums, the leading manufacturer of Guar gum, and exporter from India, serving a variety of industries. Originally found in the off-white colored, free-flowing powder form, the gum has found its clients worldwide. There are two forms of guar gum that are available: modified and unmodified. Both are used by the manufacturing unit. One of the strongest reasons for choosing guar gum is for its high viscosity and can get hydrated very easily to attain uniformity.

The Guar gum is used in the following industries:
  • Ice cream manufacturers - as a binder for a long shelf life
  • Textile printing gum - reduces breakages in sizing textiles
  • Paper industry as a strengthener or thickener
  • Used extensively in the cosmetic industry as a thickener or mixed in creams and increases the density of lotions.
  • As a binder and disintegrating agent in tablet manufacturing
  • To control the loss of water as lubricants and cooling of drill bits in drilling and mining.

We believe in offering the purest form and hence, are the most preferred guar gum exporters to the clients from varied industries worldwide.